About us

A&T Global Solutions determines the best distribution strategy for IT, Consumer Electronics, Photo Paper and Medical Devices working with the experienced wholesale partners on distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa. The company has been operating on Polish market and expanded business to China, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Lithuania, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK, Morocco few years ago, to Morocco in 2012 and to India 2010. We entered to Germany in November 2012. The range we offer is the most extensive of all distributors in IT, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Paper products such as Copy Paper and Photo Paper.

A&T Global Solutions

Our partners appreciate the scope of our extra services and trainings. In 2011 and 2012 the largest global manufacturers chose our company to cooperate in Central and Eastern Europe. We are associated with one of the largest distributors and manufactures worldwide. A&T Global Solutions cooperates with the companies to establish their presence in the market, to optimize their entry strategy, and to choose the right marketing and sales force strategy to ensure maximum sales growth of their products. We are determining the best distribution strategy for IT, Consumer Electronics, Photo Paper and Medical Devices working with the experienced wholesale partners all over the world.
We will ensure the optimum reach and frequency for the right target segments for your products for a new market coverage in Central and Eastern Europe.


Uncover some of the top challenges in the markets, and learn how to overcome these obstacles. Discover how the most successful programs rely on market research to develop customized messages and launch targeted efforts across various media channels and streamline program management and improvement processes.

A&T Global Solutions is working closely between the manufacturer of products and the reseller (B2B), who delivers the products to end customers. The company provides certain extra services associated with such sales, in different product line and deliver to our cooperating companies worldwide. Our head office is in Center of Warsaw. With its sales system organization, the company is capable of delivering to any location in Europe.